{Alexandra Pearl} ~Newborn

It was an absolute joy setting up props and getting ideas for my own little baby!  I just had to use pearls in the photos :)  The old wooden box was something I found going through some of my grandparents old things & it just so happens to be from Boise, Idaho - where our little Alexandra was born. 

We love our little baby so much, and she has an amazingly loving older brother and sister that just can't get enough of her.  They also helped with the photos.
We hope you enjoy the photos of our little Alexandra (Ali) as much as we do!

This is mommy's all time favorite photo prop!
~The baby stork pouch!


{Alexis} Quinceanera

I was fully prepared to photograph a quinceanera for the first time... I even made a little cheat sheet of photographs to not forget to take (I accidentally left it at home) turns out I didn't even need it!  Alexis was so amazingly beautiful, and the whole set up was just stunning!  It all just came natural to me, and I snapped about a million photos.  Personally my favorite part to photograph was the formal shots of the Quinceanera party -- Alexis surrounded by a bunch of cute boys was my idea of a good picture!!  I had a wonderful expirence & even got to eat some of the delicious food prepared by Alexis' family.  (mexican food is my absolute favorite selection of food)

Enjoy looking through the preview of Alexis' 15th Birthday Party!