I have put all of my fans into random pick, (all 510 of you) to choose a number for me.  That ONE particular person will have 24 hours to respond and confirm the date/time/location that I choose.  If one cannot confirm within 24 hours it will automatically go to the next random number that will be picked.  (and so on) 
The free session will include about an hour of session time, and a digital disc with 25 images.  *released copyright included.


************LUCKY FAN  {Missy Nuti}   You have won a photo session with DP************

To claim your prize please reply to this blog post within 24 hours agreeing to the terms listed above.

Next in line:    {Brooke Wagner}

                         {Lola Rosas}

                         {Suzi Evans}

                       ** Each of you will recieve a 50% off a photo session now through December 20th if you book a session with DP :)  

Thank you all for you support, I couldn't be as far as I am today with out each and everyone of you :)

xo -- Chelsea Montes

Winner has been picked by random.org


Alexandra Pearl {6 months}

My baby and her milestones!!!  They seem to be going wayyyy to fast for this mama... holy moly!

Anyways, Ali is 6 months old and the sweetest little baby girl, she LOVES her mommy and her mommy's camera!!  (thank goodness) 


Libby R. {Senior 2012}

Libby is a H.S. Senior. She is the sweetest girl I have met in a long time, it was great working with her!  She did everything I asked of her and did it with a smile on her face :) 
~enjoy this preview of beautiful Libby!~

Meagan F. {Modeling}

Meagan is currently working on her portfolio.  She is creating a website and needed some great photos of herself to start the process.  She is a beautiful girl and knows her body so well, I really enjoyed taking her pics!!

Michael K. {Senior 2012}

Michael AKA Bubba is a Senior at PCHS!  He is a great athlete and espically stands out in Baseball!  He is deciding on colleges that have a good baseball team.  I was honored to photograph him during this great accomplishment in his life. 

{Introducing} Devyn Adam

Meet Devyn, his proud first time parents are Jesse and Amber.  Sweetest little baby boy!!

Snow Day {with my kiddos}

We waited and waited and waited for snow to fall... I set their outfits out about 3 weeks early.  They sat on a chair by my computer desk.  Snow finally came and the kids had so much fun out in the snow, Alexandra even had her first snow tasting!!

Enjoy the snow day photos of my little ones :)